Plastik Palmtrees Crewneck


(Pre-orders are closed!)

The Plastik Palmtrees Crewneck, based on the Eighties themed exhibition with Waldorf Claw.

The crewneck is carefully printed by Nepalese monks who are selected and trained from birth. The organic silkscreen ink is printed in such a way that it makes its way through all the fibers without leaving a thick plastic layer on top of the fabric.

Why pre-order you might ask?
Well, since I don’t know how popular (or unpopular) the crewneck is going to be, I also don’t know how many I have to order in advance. A pre-order system is a simple way to get the right supply for the demand.

Note: You can order the crewneck until the 31st October 2015. From then on, production starts which takes approximately one week. You’ll be notified when your order ships!