Went on an adventurous trip to Iceland. Rather than writing down every detail of the trip, I’ll just let my photos tell you the story.

The continental border between the North American and Eurasian plates. If you look closely, you can see people in the back between the two plates, they give a sense of scale.

Hot springs like these appear at the most random places and are usually accompanied by clouds of fumes and a sudden switch of colour in the landscape.
Mud is bubbling because of the heat and a smell of rotten eggs is present because of the sulfer. Also, don’t touch the water, I can assure you that it’s boiling hot…

Blue Lagoon is a small lake which was kept warm through vulcanic action beneath the surface of the lake. The presence of minerals like Silica is why the lake has it’s blue colour.
Nowadays the lake is kept warm through a steam plant, as seen in the background. It’s also very commercial, but worth giving it a try.

Gullfoss, a giant waterfall (one of many) located in the far right of the Golden Circle. A must when you’re in the area. Sixty cargo containers filled with water flow down the waterfall every second.
Also, watch your step, it can be slippery.

Seljalandsfoss is another pretty impressive waterfall, but also touristic. You can walk behind the waterfall which is a really cool experience, just make sure you bring your raincoat.

When visiting Skaftafellsjökull, try hiking the mountain besides it to get a glorious view on the glacier.

Visiting a glacier is an experience you can’t really describe, visiting a glacier lagoon even more, but I’ll try.
When we visited the Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon, we had to walk over a small hill in order to see and reach it. The feeling when seeing the lagoon while walking down the hill is like opening the freezer and letting the cold air roll over your face. Chilly wind hits you and you’re stunned by the fact how enormous these glaciers are.
When you have the chance to visit one of these, just do it.

Jökulsárlón is another Glacier Lagoon located on the other side of the Hvannadalshnúkur mountain. When I visited Jökulsárlón, it was very misty and a large contrast with the sunny day we had before when we visited Fjallsárlón. Although this showed the fact that these Glacier Lagoons are majestic in any weather condition.

The photos are copyright protected, but that’s something you probably knew, want to use them? Give me a heads up.